Monday, December 27, 2010

A Very Merry White Christmas Weekend Rewind

Alternatively titled, "The post in which I make lots of lists."

Alternatively alternatively titled, "The 3rd Day of Christmas."

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.  I know the Elseas sure did.

Friday I headed to Color Me Mine, a pottery place in Dublin, with my Mom, Emily, and Mark to paint some pottery.  While Emily went with the more artistic approach, Mark and I went for the cuter approach and painted Katie (Mark) and a cupcake cookie jar/baking supplies jar (me).  Unfortunately I neglected to get a piece of Emily's masterpiece.

After our painting extravaganza we headed back to town to get ready for church as the Handbell choir had quite the (horrible) performance ahead of them.  You may be wondering what C was up to this entire time.  He was getting my mysterious Christmas gift ready, but more on that later.

Christmas Eve service was, as always, wonderful.  For the first time in 12 years I managed to forget to take my gum out prior to communion causing for some innovative moves on my part.  I can now say that I will never try to invent wine flavored gum.  After church we went to the Upps (apparently spread our germs) and enjoyed the food, hospital Chicken Salad (best ever), and company.

Christmas morning I woke up to lots of gifts and an upset stomach.  C really did spoil me this year (in the presents department).

Santa came!!

C has excellent wrapping skills.
He gets them from Mama E.

My stocking overfloweth.

Later this week we'll be heading to Chicago for some much needed relaxing, shopping, and anniversary celebrating. I also be wearing my new bracelet (made my elves in the forests of Chile - I'll get and share the whole story later this week) to our fancy schamncy dinner. After opening gifts, taking a walk, and resting until I felt better we headed over to my parents for more gift opening, dinner, and baking.   We also iChated with the entire Elsea clan and went to see the light show in Pickerington.

Sunday morning C woke up with a stomach bug.  A stomach bug that sent him to the bathroom every hour.  Poor thing.  Fortunately that was over by 3 and he has since been on the couch recovering so we can go to Chicago this weekend for our anniversary trip).  I did manage to get to church in the morning and picked up some leftovers from my parents' house before spending the rest of the day with C.  While I was excited about our Chicago trip on Saturday, I got even more excited on Sunday as I was feeling much better and was able to look up everything we'd be doing.

I did get some cleaning, organizing and Christmas present putting away done.  After almost three years of marriage I can now say that C and I have a photo album from our wedding.  Thanks Mom and Dad!!  Here's evidence of both my cleaning and Christmas present putting away efforts.

After the little but of organizing and laundry (to wash away all of our germs) I found myself in a post-Christmas funk.  That was short lived when I remembered the sermon from earlier in the morning and reminded myself that yesterday was the 2nd day of Christmas. Suffice it to say I will be celebrating all week long. 

In other news, C and I weren't the only ones feeling under the weather this weekend.  My dad was ill yesterday and even Katie had too much Christmas.  Mom and I deduced that she ate an entire packed of chicken sausage that she received as a gift.  Add that to the larger than life sized bone and she was one ill puppy.

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