Thursday, November 11, 2010

11 on 11/11

1. CVS has the most amazing (anti-aging) hand sanitizer in the world.  Not only are my hands 4 years younger than the rest of me, but they smell delish.  I find myself sanitizing even after washing my hands because this stuff smells better than soap. 

2. My thermoses are dying a slow death.  I blame it on me reading the "hand wash only" on the bottom, hand washing for a while then just throwing them in the dish washer along with my other .  They are now all condensation-y in the linings and not looking the best. 

3. I will not get excited about Christmas yet.  I will not get excited about Christmas yet.

4. Apparently Sunbeam has made a sit on your counter cupcake maker contraption.  The jury is still out on this as I am not sure where to find a recipe that only makes 6 cupcakes and I don't think my non-existent diet could handle cupcakes at my beck and call.

5. I am currently reading (at a snails pace - because I have a million things on my plate right now not because it is a slow read, because it isn't) Stacey Ballis' new book Good Enough To Eat. I actually won it by "liking" some one's facebook status, but would have purchased it anyway (because our super hip and up with the times library doesn't have it in their system).

6. Last Saturday we spent hours and hours at Easton.  That is what I imagine heaven to be like.  Except without all the people the crowds won't bother me, things won't be out of my price range, and the parking garage will always have a spot open on the first or second level near the door.  I tell you this to tell you that I woke up on Sunday wishing I could go back.  I think I have a problem.

7. I also think heaven will have the best macaroni and cheese I have ever tasted.

9. I will not get excited about Christmas yet. I will not get excited about Christmas yet.

9. I may have checked out the many different ginger bread houses at Target on Monday.  Oh the possibilities.  I will not get excited about Christmas yet.

10. The last month or so I have been totally craving a puppy.  I realize craving may not be word the choice for others, and no, I don't want to eat a puppy, I just want a puppy that bad.

11. I wonder, someday, when we are blessed to finally be the parents to a puppy, and are greatly anticipating her arrival, will I be just like regular expectant mothers and nest?

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S. McAdams said...

I've craved puppy before... i just went to chinatown and ordered the number 36 at wongs.