Monday, November 1, 2010

Week-end Re-wind

All weekend, when thinking about my impending Weekend Rewind, I would say it in my head like the "Let's go Indians" (or Buckeyes) chant.  So it was more like Week-end Re-wind.  Get it?

This weekend both C and I had to work, but when we weren't working we did the following...

Friday night we went to Mark's football game and witnessed the final game of the first ever undefeated FCA football season.  It was neat.  The Knights are now playoff bound this coming weekend.  My mom and I also witnessed the craziest hair in all of Perry County.  It sorta looked like this...

only not stylish.  I also ate a piece of pizza because crazy hair lady was out of hotdogs.  Bummer.

After the game I made some puppy chow for my other brudder in DC.  I discovered the most easiest (it was so easy I need to use poor grammar to describe it) way to make puppy chow.

In a (clean) garbage bag!!

I also had the perfect puppy chow taste tester.

I later found out she convinced C to let her taste his serving as well.

Saturday we did absolutely nothing.  (Except for some work obligations and cleaning).  Oh, and I did see the cutest Halloween outfit ever.

Sunday morning, while at church, I was informed by a faithful blog follower (she is also a faithful church member) that my shoes were on sale!  Guess what we did after church, lunch, and another work obligation?  You guessed it... I bought some new slipper-shoes!

I also made a yummy dinner (recipe to follow at some point in the future) and took a walk around the block with C before calling it a night.

And I can't forget the project that took my entire weekend (and was finished this morning). I don't know how kids made this in 30 minutes.  I took several hours (off and on).  First the wall decorations had to be applied, then dried.  Then we had the assembly of the walls.  Which also had to dry.  And then the laying of the roof top which took the most time as each side was allowed to dry before the other side was attached.  Oh, and the chimney, that was done this morning.  But of course, the ghost was glued on yesterday (so he could dry). 

I was very proud of myself.

This week is going to be super-d-duper busy with commitments every evening.  PLUS we have company coming this coming weekend and we can't wait for them to get here!

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