Friday, October 22, 2010


In lieu of a Fashion Friday post, because I'm feeling under the weather and plan on spending the rest of the evening in sweats, curled up on the couch and watching Babies!, I thought I'd share my most recent revelations.

1. I think I may be addicted to shopping.  And posting weekly "Fashion Fridays" does not seem to be helping.I had this revelation while reading Mini Shopaholic this week.  I have since finished the book and gone into seclusion until the next book is released (which isn't even in the works yet).

2. If there is ever a "Hurricane Rachel" I will be on cloud nine. Cloud NINE.

3. Colds make me super hungry.  In the last 24 hours I have been hungry for Max & Erma's chicken salad, spinach and artichoke dip (any version will do), Olive Garden, and Boston Market's Mac and Cheese.

4. Have I told you how much I love Big Love?  Seriously.  I love it.  I've finished seasons one and two and just got on season three from the library.  And by "just" I mean I got home at 4:51 today, pulled up the library website, saw it was in, and ran to the library to pick it up before they closed.  Yes, they are open tomorrow, but now I get to watch it right now.  I may also have texted C and told him to take his time at work now that I had season 3. This show is taking up so much of my life and thoughts that I actually had to say myself while watching the Duggars the other day, "Ok, these folks are nothing like the Henricksons and do not believe in multiple wives, just multiple kids."

5.  I think twitter doesn't help my self diagnosed shopping addiciton as Vera Bradley is every so nice to mention new products through this social network. Today they tweeted me about this lovely....

6. C and I made a deal that I could get my boots in January 2011.  I'm excited.

7. Someone by the name of ME got a new dishwasher today! For FREE! (Because ME still rents.)

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Becky said...

I love that purse!