Friday, October 8, 2010

Fashion Friday: Whatever floats my little boat

There is something about cooler weather (and a blah week) that causes me to want to do some serious shopping.  I'm talking about the "spend a couple hundred dollars in an afternoon or evening on a couple of outfits" type of shopping.  Something I haven't done since I was in high school and college when I had a steady job (which I still do) and didn't have any financial responsibilities (other than bringing C and Wes McDonald's on Sunday afternoons).  I miss those days.  Darn adulthood.

Those shopping spree days will come again, right?


Here's what I've been eyeing lately. (Please excuse the prices, today I am going all out).

1. J.Crew's Cashmere zip shaw-collar sweater.
I love J.Crew.  It is one of my all time favorites.  And this sweater? I can see myself wearing it everyday. 

2. Francesca's Harmonic Progression Necklace.
I am a huge fan of the necklaces with the ribbon tie backs.  While I don't own one, they are to die for. 

3. Talbot's Lace Sheath.
I'm guessing a "sheath" is a dress.  At least I hope it is.  Last week I saw Ali Lawter in a black lace dress and immediately thought, "I need the non-pregnant version!"  Well, this is as close as I could find with a limited amount of time to look.  I do prefer the long sleeves, but Talbot's option would be nice for work.

4. Anthopologie's Skirts.
There are three that I am loving right now.  One that can be worn with black boots and black tights. Another that has a great pattern. And a third that just screams cuteness.

5. Fossil's Blue Rose Tee.
I started my affair with the graphic-t this summer.  What a great addition this would make.

While I won't be doing any serious shopping any time soon, maybe this weekend I can do a little window licking?

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