Monday, October 11, 2010

fair week

It's fair week in Fairfield County.  It's also 85 degrees today.  Something is not right.

This year C and I had every intention of entering things so that we could win $2.50 after paying $15 for fair entry every day.  Needless to say, I did not get the entries in and I blame it on the weekend.  Despite C being under the weather and having a ginormous project to complete we had a wonderful weekend   Friday night we had dinner at The Melting Pot.  I love it there. It's like being in the 70's without actually having to witness the hideous clothing.   And get this.  C actually enjoyed his food! Saturday I made many a pumpkins while C worked. 

And Sunday? We went to the fair. But it was too late to submit our photos and pumpkins and toy tank (that we are sure would have won) and salt and pepper shakers.  Since I was too busy to take things over on Saturday and actually go to church Sunday mornings (gasp!) I didn't have everything anything in by 10 am Sunday morning.  I have heard that Fairfield County plans on having a fair next year as well, so I think we'll have another shot to enter. But at least this year we got the discounted tickets!

Originally, C was not such a fan of the fair.  But once I got him to look past the people there and enjoy the food, exhibits, food, horse racing, food, and combine derby, he now loves it. 

The entire point of this rambling nonsense is to endorse my top five things at the Fairfield County Fair:

1. Sponagle's Bob Evans Sausage Booth.  The sandwiches are to die for and you support the one true faith every time you eat there. 

2.  The Ring Game!! You know the deal.  $2 buys you 10 rings that you then try to ring around a cane or stick.  Last night we won 8 sticks between Mark, C, and me.  We have won countless numbers of sticks in last 15 years, but  only two canes (both in the same year - one won by my dad and the other by C). This is the only game I will play at the fair.  I think it has something to do with the fact that the game isn't run by your typical carnies.

3. The Funnel Cakes found under the grand stand right at the entrance closest to Columbus St.  I realize that this is a horrible explanation of the location, but I don't think the people have a name.  I also realize that the distance from Columbus St and the grand stand is very long, but I also don't know my directions ( I would guess west or north). Anyway, these are the bet funnel cakes so please check them out.

4. Twisty Tots or Krazy Taters.  There is nothing like a potato that has been spirally cut by a power tool.  Add the cheese and I am in heaven (cheese on fries is a recent revelation I've had).

5. The Combine Derby!!  This is my all time favorite thing at the fair.  Unlike the demolition derby, which I am not a fan of, it is harder for drivers to get injured and it's free.  Last time we sat so close (front row close) that we were breathing out the fumes from the combines.  You know where I'll be Thursday night at 7;30 (or soon thereafter - I have a meeting at 7:00)/

I think this Top 5 List takes care of anyone ever asking me for a review.  I can't remember locations (#3) and don't know the actual names (#4).  but then again, I am a faithful customer.

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CEP Paul T said...

Commenting about my fondest memory of a county fair in a community forum, and I went off searching what it said about Sponagle's Bob Evans sausage stand at the Fairfield County Fair.

Nice to see others feel the same way I do about it. My dad was pastor at Sponagle in the late 70s and early 80s. Had a few years working Tuesday nights in the stand with the youth group. Last time there was in 1982. *weeps* Miss it. Miss the people too.