Sunday, October 3, 2010

Big Red

A few times or eight I have mentioned Big Red.  You may be asking who Big Red is.  Big Red is a female and one of my closest friends in the world. Big Red is also affectionately called Kristen by the rest of the world.  (But not by me or Coach Kenny.)

In honor of her birthday, I'd like to share the story of our Bromance.

We met in high school when her dad became a minister at Fairfield Christian.  I remember the day they took the tour of the school.  A family of five walked into our class because one of the daughters was our age.  When they entered the room I thought, "so we are going to get the blond, girly one."  Nope. We got her older, sporty, red headed sister Big Red. And that's when my life changed forever. Forever.

I'm not sure how when exactly we became the best of friends, but it must have been shortly after Big Red arrived because we instantly became inseparable.  I liked her right away because she shot 3's like a guy (I found that very impressive).  We had games that'd we play during basketball practice.  If others asked to join, we'd say no.  I'd call her in the evenings (but before 9:00, because that's when her parents went to bed). And after a few gym classes we were told we were not allowed to be on the same team.  Something about the Sporting Super Power we created when we were on the same team.  Too bad that super power didn't transfer to the basketball court. 

Before our senior year of high school my parents even let my sister and I take Big Red and Bethany to the beach.  I have a great picture showing off our sun burns and tans, but I will not post it for fear of Big Red losing her job.

Then college came and Big Red became a Pioneer while I became a Cougar (the animal kind, not the old lady kind).  We stayed close, chatting on AIM and getting together whenever we were home. She made the visit to Chicago and I made the trip to Canton (they have nice dorms there!).

Then I got married, and Big Red graduated, on time I might add (way to buck the trend) and got a pretty good gig in South Carolina, just where she belongs (because she's a Southern Girl who likes to say "necked" and other cute words, not because I don't like her near me). And while we don't chat on the phone as much as we should, and don't talk on AIM because she has (appropriately) grown up and stopped doing that (something I am (not) working on) we do keep in touch by sending loooong messages back and forth on facebook.  Ok, just realized how lame that sounds.

So now she's millions of miles away, enjoying warm air and (I'm guessing, but am not 100% sure because she hasn't shared "pitchers") a new apartment with Bethany.  And I miss her.  A lot.  (Even thought I sometimes don't make it known.)

All that to say, Happy Birthday, Big Red!! I miss you tons and am working on a plan to get you back to Ohio (for good).


Anonymous said...

Love this post! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Girly blonde? I take offense to that. What about our beach times?