Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Rewind

What a gorgeous and crisp weekend.  Here's how our's went down.

- I made this for dinner.  It's been way too long since we've had yummy soup. 
- C and I went to chaperon see a movie.  We arrived to a theatre full of kids who we later saw waiting for their parents to pick them up after the movie.  There's something completely awesome about being able to walk to your own car after a movie.  
- The movie we saw was Easy A.  I thought it was very funny.  C just thought it was ok. 
- I think I mentioned that we now get HBO (for free, because C called and threatened to cancel).  Well, now a certain someone who has n "S" in his name is hooked.  And I mean hooked.  Every time he's been home it's been on.  Every time he's headed home he asks what I think is on HBO. Oh. My.
- I had to say "S" because C and I share all of the other letters in our names.  

- We slept in!
- Went to Starbucks for some mochas (yes, even I got one - it's because of the weather) and Kohl's for a wedding gift.
- Came home and ate left overs while we called Mama E. to wish her a Happy Birthday!
- Watched some HBO (surprise, surprise!!)
- Got cleaned up and headed to Matt's wedding.  What a gorgeous day for a wedding.
- Discovered that Saturday was our 1,000th day of marriage.
- Post wedding reception we headed to Mark's game in New Lex. 
- C and I got into a discussed about whether or not I could pass two yard lines while laying down on the field.  I had to abstain from doing so until the end of the game.
- But then I got to give it a shot...
- We came home and I took a bath while C watched HBO.  

- For the first time in over a month, we went to church together.  You know it's bad when someone says, "It's good to see you both here together."  We do what we can.
- After church I headed to Columbus with my parents and Mark while C headed to work. But not before watching some HBO.
- We decided to lunch at Champps because Raising Canes doesn't have BBQ sauce for their chicken.  Seriously?!?
- We were at Champps for a long time.  90+ minutes of a long time. 
- Our appetizers finally arrived after the ladies seated next to us (who arrived after us) received theirs.
- 8 days later we had our food.
- Well, some of us.  Mark didn't receive his club sandwich.
- My mom's food and mine (same dish) was super oily.  Sorta like when you heat up a creamy sauce the second time and everything separates.  It was gross.
- The manager comp-ed our entire meal and brought us two desserts.
- Then Mark got his club sandwich.
- Seriously, though, we really do love Champps.  And will go back.  (We think.)
- We then headed to the mall so that Dad could make an exciting purchase at Apple while Mark and I looked for a homecoming outfit.
- Went to JC Penny Outlet where I picked up a little gift for Emily's upcoming birthday.  
- Yay for supporting undies.  My mom says they are for disco dancing.  
- Yesterday evening I have managed to make dinner, lunch for today, and dinner for tonight.
- I also cleaned the kitchen and started laundry.

Next Weekend: 
- C's parents visit.
- Lots and lots of work.
- Handbell performance!! Saturday, 4 pm, Redeemer Lutheran Church. Be There!!

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