Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend Rewind: Jessica and Blake are Married!

This past weekend C and I went to Ft. Wayne to celebrate Jessica and Blake's wedding! Aside from the after party my stomach decided to throw late Saturday night it was a blast. The wedding was beautiful and had Jessica written all over it.

We arrived to our (new!) hotel in Ft. Wayne Saturday afternoon.  C napped while I caught up with the Lloyds.  We then got prettified and headed to the Stephensons' for the wedding.  Here are some pics from the ceremony and reception.

Gordon Gee's grandson was in attendance.

Cutest ring bearer ever. 
Lost his boutonniere before the ceremony even started. 

Cousins table!

I was there as well. 

Sunday afternoon we celebrated again with a backyard BBQ.  The family, and by family I mean boys,  mainly played cornhole.  I took pictures and just watched.

Jessica's decorations were beautiful.

As was the house. 

C and I headed home late Sunday afternoon to meet his parents and Amilia at Easton for some BD's.  This morning, after some work obligations, we went to Starbucks, picnicked at the park, and ate cookies back at our place.  It was a lovely, but too short, visit.  We're looking forward to spending some more time with them in October.  

Now C is at work doing whatever needs done before we head out on vacation later this week.  As for me, I am watching the horrible acting that is The Secret Life of the American Teenager.  It's not one poor actor, it's all of them.  Reminds me of my 6th grade performance of Louis and Clark. I played the dog and had a solo. Yes, there was a singing dog on the expedition. Duh. 

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