Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Kind of Tea Party

C is a man who loves his mocha. Like a lot. I am a woman who now loves her tea (must be the Scotch Scot in me).

I used to enjoy mochas.  You know, back when I didn't have the forever commitment from C and would pretend I like to go to movies after ten p.m.  But then (after the forever commitment) they started making my stomach hurt so I switched to Passion Tea Lemonade - which makes more sense for the summer months anyway.  Mochas are just too hot and too heavy for April through September. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy a mocha every now and then, and by now and then I mean once every 6-7 weeks when the temps are below 50 degrees.

All of that was to say that I have found my new drink of choice.  It started when I went to Colorado last year and visited with Mom's good friend, Millie.  We dined at a "Hippie Restaurant" or so her husband called it and they had the most delish cinnamon orange tea that Millie bought for me to take home to my mom.

Side Story... Despite my love for all things cinnamon, I have a slight allergy to it and will break out if I have too much cinnamon.  Apparently I will also break out if I am just around too much of it.  Like the pound of the tea that Millie bought.  The pound of dry tea that was just sitting on the desk in my hotel room where I was surfing the internet (because in that large room they only put one electric outlet).

Anyway, that was my first run in with cinnamon spice tea.  Then my sister found it at Caribou (which immediately jumped Starbucks on my "Top Coffee Stores" list). So I'd run to Caribou (a mere 40 minutes away) to pick up a few tins whenever I was at Easton. Then I discovered that they sell this at Barnes & Noble and we have one of those only 20 minutes away. 

I love the tea.  A lot. 

But the Scotch Scot in me hasn't gotten around to trying it with milk.

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