Friday, September 10, 2010

kitchen wish list

We're on vacation!! Here's a pre-scheduled post for your reading entertainment.

As I said a few weeks ago, there are some kitchen things I've been eyeing lately.  Many of them I don't have and won't have until I have more counter space.  And that'll won't be any time soon since we just signed another year long lease.

That also means a puppy isn't in our future. 

Cookbook Holder :: This is a given.  How many times do you have to ruin the binding of a cookbook just to keep it open?  I think my cookbooks would also stay food and stain free if I didn't have to keep reopening the pages. 

A larger Crock Pot.  I registered for a smaller one that suits C and me just fine.  For now.  But some day we will be eating more have kids and thus will need to prepare more food.

Canisters :: I have sugar and flour containers that I purchased for cheap at Target.  But they aren't of the quality to house on the counter when I'm not using them.  Not to mention I don't have the space.

Le Cruiset :: I'll take this today.  I do not need counter space for one of these babies.  I repeat: C, I do not need counter space for this wonderful kitchen accessory.

Rainbow Bowl and Spoons :: The Pioneer Woman featured these a while back and I think even gave some away - which I did not win, because I only win things I have no use for.  But aren't they lovely?  I have found the spoons at Sur La Table, but haven't been able to find the bowls.  I think the spoons would be perfect for my sugar bowl.

Doughnut Pan :: I'm thinkin', but maybe I'm wrong, that this is a healthier alternative to deep fryin'.

Double Pan with Strainer Thingy for Sketti :: It just seems easier than a colander.

Italian Measuring Cup :: Aunt Janet got this for Jessica as a shower gift.  It. Measures. Everything.  Yes, even ground beef.

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