Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Drew D in DC

Back in the day (which was Spring 2007) I interned for former Congressman Hobson in Washington, D.C. The arrangement was through the Lutheran College Washington Semester, a program Concordia participates in.  It's pretty awesome: intern four days a week, take two classes, get a day off for field trips, and stay in some pent house apartments with some pretty awesome views.  C also stayed in these swanky digs when he interned (for the same jolly fellow) in Summer 2005.

I must say, it was pretty cool to live and work around some great sights.


My brother, Drew, is currently living the life in DC thanks to the same program.  Except he's not interning for Congress.  He's the video intern guy for C-SPAN.  So far he's videographed (new word, like it?) some pretty awesome and potentially historical stuff.

All that to say, make you you follow his adventures here.

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