Monday, August 9, 2010

the obligatory weekend rewind

I'm not posting this weekend rewind because something interesting happened because it didn't, but instead because I have not posted one in a few weeks and have nothing else to post.

- C and I went on a loooong walk to get ice cream.  In fact, I'm going to map it right now...
- ...7 minutes later... 4.64 miles walked.
- We got some corn too.

- Went to Starbucks with C.
- Dropped C off at work.
- Walked in a parade. Good exercise. I'm guessing 2+ miles.
- Fed my other mother's cat.
- Went to the pool.
- Ate some corn and a hot dog.
- Watched The Bachelor (the movie from '99, not the show).
- C came home and watched a movie (District 9 - gross) while I finished a book.

- Went to church and lunch at McDonald's. Let me clarify.  We went to church at church and lunch at McDonald's.  We did not go to church at McDonald's.
- C did some more work.
- Headed back to the pool and started a new book.
- Tweeted that I wanted some cake.
- Watched some Disney Channel.
- My dad brought me some birthday cupcakes! A great way to start by birthday week.  Thanks, Dad!

And seriously, that's about it.  I also cleaned a bit.  But that's really it. I'm very much looking forward to next weekend.  We're going to Cleveland for an Indians game!

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