Thursday, August 12, 2010

Numbers and Notes

Our Most of the power in the county power went out a little before 2:00 yesterday afternoon and didn't reappear until late last night. Without power I could not blog.  But I did have a few notes already saved.  So here's today's post. 

- 46 months ago tomorrow C and I went to see Wicked.  We also got engaged.  That was also 1400 days ago.

- The engagement happened to occur on Friday the 13th in October. Luckily we don't believe in bad luck.  Just omens.

- Prior to the engagement C had been leading me on for a few weeks that he had a surprise for me.  Since we'd only been dating for roughly 72 hours (ok, really 55 days) and I wasn't thinking engagement (not that I was opposed, I obviously said yes), I figured he had purchased a brick for me at Heritage Park at Progressive Field (which I eventually did get and you will see on Saturday).

- I was asked on Tuesday why I read so much.  That was a first.  I explained because it was summer time. The follow up question was, "Aren't you supposed to be outside in the summer time and inside, reading, during the winter?"  My response, "I am outside in the summer.  Reading.  Winter time is for all of my programming."

- My sister dropped off some more books today and I was asked by the same person "More books?"  I don't really view this as a problem. Apparently others do.

- I need to get my hair cut.

- I just scheduled my hair cut for the day before I renew my license.  Decided I had to live with the picture for 4 years so my hair better look good.

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