Friday, August 6, 2010

a fashion update

Well, I didn't get my Summer of 2010 Dream Suit.  I dilly dallied too much  weighed my options too long and missed my window of opportunity. Someone else now has that last suit that was left my in my size. This was hands down the most important fashion decision I've made all year.  I'm not kidding. Seriously. C can attest to that.

So instead I went with choice #2.  A nice paisley print from Athleta (thanks, Aunt Becky!) which was 70% off!  C loved that part.  There was another suit I liked as well, but it wasn't on sale and another gal at our pool already has it.  C made the point that it would be awkward to have the same suit.  I think know he just didn't like the price.  I am beginning to see right through those statements. 

Anyway, assuming shipping goes well and the size charts were correct and I didn't gain 8 pounds this week (I've managed not to gain back what was lost from the Stone of 2010) the suit should fit like a glove.  Or in this case a bra and underwear. 

I should also point out that I ordered one top and two bottoms in the same size.  Because I am dumb like that and didn't quadruple check my order like usual and only triple checked it.  I called Athleta Wednesday (they ship from Columbus - come to think of it I could go pick the sucker up today instead of having to wait for it to be shipped next week) and the kindest lady said I could return the extra bottom at no cost and get a refund.  Athleta/Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy/Piperlime gained major points in my book. 

So if you're at the view next week or down in South Carolina in September and have no idea what I look like, I'll be in this suit...

just not as toned.

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