Thursday, August 19, 2010

Celebrities and Big Red and Teen Mom, oh my!

It appears that Thursdays have turned into my Days of Rambling.  I guess that's not really any different than any other post.  Unless there aren't any words.  Since I don't have a set topic for today I thought I'd just mentions a slew of things.

First up, I think know I'd like to be a celebrity.  When C asks me if I'd like to be famous (like he can snap his fingers and it'd happen) I always tell him "no" because that's the right response, right? But not so secretly, I think I'd love it.  The clothes. The hair appointments. The traveling. The bags. I'm going to stop there. I'm feeling very "of this world" and not so much "in this world".

Moving on.

I've been noticing a lot of kitchen gadgets and accessories that I would like to have join my collection. There's already a Favorite Kitchen Things post in the works.  Which made me think, we should have 5 year anniversary showers to shower the happily married couple with things that the wife either 1) just forgot to register for, 2) just discovered because it wasn't on the market then, and/or 3) saw at one of the many bridal showers she attended.  I also think there should be showers for years 10, 15, 20, and so on.  I could also be a "Congrats on making it this far and not getting divorced!" shower.  Anyone else with me?

I'd really like for my friend, Big Red, to start a blog.  I'm thinking about starting an online petition.  Which reminds me.  The summer before my senior year of high school my parents allowed my sister and me to take a friend on vacation (one each - we didn't have to agree on one friend total).  Since we were very social and popular we went with sisters, Big Red and Bethany. The first day was a blast.  Then Big Red almost passed out due to sun exposure (she's very fragile).  Once she came to we lifted up (the back) of her shirt to see how burnt she was and there it was, the only section that received sun screen application, a white spot that looked exactly like Panama. We all now have a special place in our hearts for Panama.  While also reminds me, our beach was neighbors with a nude beach that was just to the south.

I am totally 100% done with Amber & Gary and Catelynn & Tyler on Teen Mom.  Amber & Gary need to move on.  Catelynn & Tyler need to stop acting like they are 45 and start enjoying their youth.  Youth is definitely wasted on the young. I'm so over these two couples that I'm not even going to spend any more time talking about them.  Oh and in case any of you are giving Farrah crap about Sophia falling off the bed, it happens to the best of us.  I too have fallen off the bed (not recently).  Maybe this is a sign that Farrah is going to be just as good of a mommy as my mommy.  We shall see.  And I can't leave Maci out. She's my favorite of them all.  And Bentley is the cutest little boy ever.  If you are an avid Teen Mom watcher and have twitter I urge to follow me (@radiantone7) and my tweet peeps (Emily: @edavidson5, Christine: @christineguenth, and my mom: @binkylu) as we discuss the goings on during the episodes.

Now that I've managed to bring down your IQ, this should bring you back to your normal level. Or maybe even a bit higher.

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