Monday, August 16, 2010

a celebratory weekend rewind

Once when C and I were dating (the first time around because I remember this took place at Concordia, while parking the car on the top floor because the other levels didn't have spaces close (enough) to the door) something good happened.  What that something was I cannot remember for the life of me, but something good did happen because I told C I thought the event called for a celibatory something or another.  He got a kick out of it and responded with something like "Since we are already celibate, let's try something celebratory."  I never have been good with my words.

I digress.

This weekend was chock-full of fun.  C and I celebrated my 25th birthday and the fact that I can now rent a car at the regular rates. 

Friday night C and I went to the pool followed by an impromptu trip to BD's at Easton.  I had a coupon for a free stir fry birthday meal that had to be used by the 22nd and since I didn't feel like cooking it seemed like the perfect time to use it.  I also got some Yagoot.   I think we then came home and I collapsed on the couch (no alcohol was involved).

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early and headed to Cleveland, but not before stopping at Starbucks so C could get his mocha fix.  Once we got to Cleveland, we stopped for some lunch at the West Side Market.  This place was packed, and if I lived in Cleveland I would be going every week to get all my produce (not sure if I'd buy meat there). 

C and I weren't really hungry for raw seafood or meat, and we didn't want to stand in line for Steve's Gyro's (I saw them on Food Network!) so we settled for crepes.  I went with the pear and caramel while C went with the dark chocolate and peanut butter (a bit messy).  I also want to point out that Crepe Making Man (who we later spotted outside smoking - he was smoking, not us) was none too nice.  I asked which was better, the pear and caramel or the day's special of peaches and raspberries.  His rude response, "What do you like better?"  The people behind me decided not to ask which was better between the two they were considering for fear that they'd get the same response. 

After the market we decided to go to the beach.  It has been roughly 10 years since C has put his feet in Lake Erie, so we figured he was due.  We ended up at Edgewater Beach, a state park with a beach front.  I must say we were quite impressed with the views and condition of the beach (although we did see a dead fish washed up on our walk back to the car - wouldn't be a Great Lake without a washed up dead fish).

Once we were full of sand we headed back into town to check in to our hotel. C and I have gone to at least one Indians game every year since 2003 and all but one of those years were in Cleveland. Everysingletime we go to Jacob's Field I would mention how much I wanted to stay at the Hilton Garden Inn and just walk over to the ball park. So that's what we did this trip. Upon checking in we headed up to our room (#804). When we arrived I was quite surprised to see the cleaning lady in there and even asked C what we should do. As C was (politely) asking the cleaning lady how long she was going to be in our room,  I noticed that we were at the wrong room (#806) and ours was in fact ready for us, right next door. In case you're wondering, the room number is not what gave it away, but the two double beds. Once we made it to our room we saw what a great view of the park it had.

Before the game (but after the pouring rain) we headed to Flannery's for some dinner. Here we had the best nachos with chili and cheese ever. I also ordered some shepard's pie that could have fed the entire Indians bullpen.

After dinner it was time for the game.  We scored some $10 tickets thanks to a twitter special (and my twittering has officially paid off) and while we could have gotten tickets for $7 and moved down (just like we did), we felt like this was a little less dishonest (plus it gave the Dolan's $6 extra to buy some more talent). Prior to the game we went to visit our brick (due to the dampness we did feet-only shots). We also met former Indian Pat Tabler, who my dad described as, "one of the best on some poor teams."

There's really not much to say about the game except that the Indians lost just as they usually do.  They even managed to give up a grand slam.  Which reminds me, I have been to two MLB games this year and at each game the visiting team had a grad slam.  Neat, huh? (CME Editorial Comment: It's freakin' awesome when one of the visiting teams is St. Louis in Cinci)

Please notice C and I got our picture taken twice in one day.  Major accomplishment.

After the game ended there was a pretty awesome fireworks show, Rock 'n Blast, that lasted 30 minutes and filled our lungs with pyrotechnic smoke. (CME Editorial Comment #2: Yes, sometimes I review and revise these posts. The foregoing sentence (I'm not making this up) initially read, "that lasted 30 minutes and filed our lunch with pyrotechnic smoke." Not being sure how to file our lunch, or why Rock 'n Blast would have any part of that, I asked for and entered clarification. Please continue)

Sunday morning I woke up and checked that the park was still there...
and it was so we packed up and headed back to Lancaster, but not before stopping at Easton to look at cars and break the salesman's heart that we weren't buying one, all while waiting for my dad to meet us at the airport so we could bring his car back to town.  Once we got home I headed to the pool (I've only got three weekends left).  We took a nice walk for some ice cream once I got back, and I even convinced C to go to the grocery with me (must have been my birthday or something).  We had Donatos for dinner to end a wonderful weekend of eating and birthday celebrating.  

Now we're back to the grind.  C has lots and lots of work stuff on his plate this week and I've got lots and lots of reading to do at the pool.

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Becky said...

Tell C he missed one (or maybe he just chose not to comment): couch (at least I HOPE you meant couch).


Thank you (and Charles) so much for the StL tickets. Sorry to say we saw a loser too, but we had fun just the same.