Monday, July 19, 2010

weekend rewind

I'm going to make this simple.  Here's the weekend rewind.

Oh, but before I forget, I wanted to let y'all (I want to be a southern bell and, while my manners are out of the question, I can still dream) know that I do not refer to C as C for anonymity's sake.  I refer to Charles Merrell Elsea as C because I talk about him a lot and C is just quicker and easier to type.  There.

- While C's sister Amilia was at a bachelorette dinner C and I headed over to my parents' house for a cookout and convention rehash.
- A mock convention was held.
- We went through our awesome SWAG bags compliments of my Dad and Mark.
- At 9:00 my sister, Emily, asked if we'd be going home soon. Apparently we had overstayed our welcome.
- I took a bath (at our place).
- Made some posters for the church pool party.

- Brunched at Scramblers with Amilia.
- Went to the pool.
- Walked in a parade.
- Had Emily and Mom over for dinner.  Fixed chicken tacos for the 3rd time in a month.
- Had our own mini Mass Gathering by huddling around the computer and watching the real thing in New Orleans.

- Churched and lunched.
- Saw Amilia off.
- Went to the pool.  C forgot his book at home.
- Ran some errands with Emily while C went to work for a while. 
- Sharpies are 25 cents each (limit three) at Office Max.  I am going every day this week and should have 21 by the time Saturday is over.
- Everyone should go get Sharpies (3 = $.80 including tax) but if you live in Lancaster please make sure to leave some for me.
- Watched some DVR'd DC Cupcakes.  The show is horrible. horrible. horrible.
- But it did make me hungry for cake so I went to Meijer's and ended up coming home with a giant cookie cake that was iced from edge to edge.  Also joining the cookie cake included some milk, ice cream, giant fudge bars, and face wipes.

Since I started this post I have acquired (through purchasing) 6 more sharpies! C went with me this time.

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