Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Rewind

I spent a majority of this weekend in a state.  A state of what exactly I am not sure, but it was a state and I was in it because of a certain basketball player from Akron.  I'm pretty sure C is ready to throw in the towel on me, but he knew about my allegiance before we got married, so there.

I also spent the entire weekend with Earth and All Stars stuck in my head.  Not sure what it sounds like? You Tube it.  Then imagine an organ playing it instead of a praise band.  C was also pretty tired of this song by the end of the weekend begging me to get something else stuck in my head.  I tried, but it just didn't work.

Friday was a pretty blah day for me.  Not blah as in nothing happened, but blah as in things just weren't going my way.  From almost being hit by a car exiting the bank drive through on my way home for lunch to having to completely change outfits once I got there because I was soaked from the rain, nothing was really going my way.  Don't get me wrong,  I'm not normally one to complain or have a bad day, I always think of how others are actually having bad days, but Friday was a blah day and there was no escaping it.

While I was home I put dinner in the crock pot.  As soon as I returned to work C called to see if I wanted to go to Easton for some retail therapy.  Not one to turn down the happiest place in Ohio, I agreed.  After work I shredded dinner (that's one of the steps), threw it in a storage container and in to the fridge, and we were on our way.  We dined at Champps (ironically, where the Cavs had a draft party when they drafted that basketball player 7 years ago), got a mocha (C), Yagoot (me), tea (me), and a cookie two cookies from Cheryl's (again, me).  The retail therapy idea obviously turned into an eating binge, but I think C was fine with it as it was much cheaper than the originally planned retail therapy. Oh, and we spent a few hours at Barnes and Noble.

Saturday was delightful.  We were finally able to sleep in (past 10!), ate some cinnamon rolls I had purchased in May and had to tell C once I realized we didn't have a free weekend to eat them, that we could just save them for July, and went to the pool.  After several hours at the pool we came home, showered, and headed to Reynoldsburg with my mom and sister to celebrate Emily making the law review (the main one!).  This time we dined at Smokey Bones and like the good old days, Emily and I split a dish.  After dinner we went back to Barnes and Noble (this time in Pickerington) because C needed a book for the pool and apparently this smaller store has a much better selection than Easton. 

Sunday morning C and I decided to visit a local church. Having not been to church in a very long time, we decided to visit Redeemer Lutheran Church.  We really hit it off with the Pastor's family and the rest of the congregation.  We think we'll stay.

After church we grilled before again heading to the pool.  Once we were home we kicked it into high gear and started cleaning and not a moment too soon as C got a call from his sister saying she'll be in town next weekend.  I have to give credit to C for doing a bulk of the cleaning. While he cleaned the entire office I managed to load the dish washer, reorganize two teeny bookshelves, and organize a filing thing to keep important papers in.  After we were half way done (which is where we still are as of this evening) we took a walk to get some ice cream.  Oh, and I also heated up our dinner that was supposed to be for Friday night.  Good news, it is just as tasty when you heat it up two days later!

I think that about sums up our weekend. This week is a busy one (but a nice busy one) and hopefully this next weekend is as good as the last one (and Cleveland is out of talent to untastefully leave the city, so I don't have to worry about that).

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