Thursday, July 1, 2010

the man on the moon

Roughly 6 years ago, sometime around July 4, 2004, before C and I were technically dating, but sort of dating (just not officially) I discovered was shown the man on the moon.  C's sister, Emily, her (at the time) soon to be and now husband, Jon, C (who, trying to get in touch with his femine side, had recently had his gallbladder removed - because that's what cool college sophomores do) and I went to see Spiderman 2.  The movie got out after midnight (this was before I stopped going to 10 pm showings - which was just after C and I got engaged and I no longer had to pretend I could stay up late).  Since it was so dark and the moon was so bright C pointed out the man on the moon.

I had never seen the man on the moon before because I was always looking for something like this...

Instead of this...

Thank you C, for showing me the man on the moon.

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