Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's convention time, baby!

Today marks the start of the 2010 LCMS National Convention. The Lutheran nerd  in me is very excited (in my 5th grade GALES "gifted" class I did a 20 page paper on the founding of the LCMS, seriously). I can just hear the hymns being sung at the opening service now.  I don't pick sides, I'm not a fan of the political-ness that can rear its ugly head at the conventions, because I don't think there is a place for that in the church, but I love the debates.  I love that everyone attending is there for the good of the church.  I love the Lutheran humor and have a love/hate relationship with the pastors who think it's fashionably acceptable to wear socks with their sandals.  I love it because that's who they are and hate it because, well, come on! And who could not love all of the SWAG (stuff we all get - thank you, Michael Scott)! 

C and I used to page at the conventions.  We went three times.  I even like to think our relationship blossomed thanks to the conventions.

In 1998, C managed to get on stage to deliver the bad news to the late, great President Al Berry that the electronic voting system was not working. Every time he stood up the delegates would know what was coming. I managed to rock the bowl cut and wear my shorts at my arm pits (see below).

In 2001, we managed to strategically place our chairs at one of the floor entrances so that every time some one spoke at microphone three we were seen on the big screen.  I think that was the convention in which we actually "worked" the most.  All so we could get face time on the 2 jumbotrons.  We also took a liking to Interim President Kuhn. 

In 2004, we didn't really do much work at all. Since this was our third round of paging we were sort of put in charge of the pages, with no real responsibility.  We spent a lot of time frisbeeing and even took a day off to go to Grandpa and Grandma Elsea's house for some time on the lake along with my dad, siblings, and Charles' dad.  Another non-related thing that happened, C asked me to be his date to his sister's wedding.  So really it was the start of "us".  I'd also like to think of that night as our first date.  A trip to TGI Fridays (I think) and a walk along the river and arch.  

This year, while my dad is a delegate, my brother Mark will be carrying on the tradition of paging.  Convention #5 with a Davidson as a page.  I'm sure he'll represent the name well.  Judging from the picture of C and me that appeared in the daily paper back in 1998, there's nowhere to go but up.


Becky said...

Wow 1998. Where has the time gone? I have good memories of that one. All the best to your Dad and Mark while they're in Houston.

Emommy said...

LOVE it. You guys are like the ultimate Lutheran nerds! (Yeah, yeah, we're just TRYING to be like YOU.) :)