Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth in the Fort (a weekend rewind)

I'm going to keep this one short.  Not because we didn't do anything over the holiday weekend (because we did) but because it is 8 pm and I am on page 2 of a book that is due back tomorrow and I can't renew it and don't want to return it unread only to have to wait in the hold line for it again.  So that's that.  (Psych!  I was able to renew the book and read a bit of it at the pool, but I'm still keeping this "short"). I'll try to supplement my lack of words with pictures.

Saturday morning (at the butt crack of dawn) I headed to Ft. Wayne with my mom and Emily (C was on the second shuttle).  We were throwing a bridal shower for our cousin, Jessica, who is getting married Labor Day weekend.  When you are throwing a shower at a location 4 hours away, it means you need a lot of prep time at the location.  Cupcakes need to be iced (and icing made - more on that another day), strawberries need to be dipped in chocolate, salads need assembled and tossed, bread needs sliced and filled.  And where do you do all of this prep?  In the great kitchen the facility has? Nope. You do it in your grandpa's apartment of course!  When we arrived we quickly turned the place into a war zone and after the shower quickly returned it to the peaceful, warless zone it really is.

Here's some pics from the shower.

The rest of the weekend was pretty laid back.  We spent most of it at the house eating, napping, and spending time outside.  Originally C and I were planning on heading back Sunday night (and got 45 minutes into the trip) until I got the great news that I didn't need to come back.  So we weighed our options and quickly decided to turn around and head back to Ft. Wayne.  We made it in time for the fireworks (my mom knew we were coming back and kept saying "I don't think it's dark enough yet" to delay the boys from starting).  Everyone was quite happy and surprised to see us having said Oh yeah, the boys, Drew, James, and Mark were our pyrotechnics for the evening.  They made it out with all hands, arms, and eye brows.  Indiana has a law that you can shoot off fireworks (at your house) five days before and five days after.  Needless to say the evening of July 4th sounded like a war zone.

And our "housekeeper" at the hotel left a little surprise for my sister.

Monday morning we woke up, said our goodbyes and headed home.  We made it home early enough to spend a few hours at the pool before heading to my parents for some pizza, then home to iChat with the Elseas and rounded out the evening with Planet Earth: Seasonal Forests (I love Planet Earth). 

Now I'm trying to speed read my book.

Oh, and remember how I am rewarding myself at the end of the summer with a new bathing suit?  Well, that may have to come sooner rather than later.  It's not good when you have to watch your every move at the pool because you suit could fall down at any moment.

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