Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a blogger's funk

I know. I know.  I've been a bad blogger.  While I haven't heard it from my readers (because all 8 are family) I feel it deep down in my blogging soul.  So here's my attempt to come out of the blogging funk.

Despite my lack of a weekend rewind, we were busy all weekend long.  A quick recap: Friday night we both worked the Art Walk, Saturday we went to the pool and Lancaster Festival (the Classical Mystery Tour - aka a Beatles cover band performed) which ended with fireworks!, and Sunday we headed back to the pool and then went to see Inception.  I had promised C that I would go see it with him and I must admit I actually enjoyed it (but felt it was a tad bit too long).

Emily also went to the movie with us.  She showed up in the same shirt and sandals that I had on.  We looked like we'd just come home from church camp. 

I also took a large purse that I put my mini cooler in so C and I could have cold cokes.

We are currently 43 days away from vacation.  This will be the latest in the year (honeymoon excluded) we've ever gone on vacation, but I think going in September will be nice.  Everyone will be back in school and while we can't go to the pool here we certainly will be able to there.  C is very much looking forward to a day trip to Charleston and I'm looking forward to all of the crab cakes my stomach can hold.

This weekend is looking like it will be just as busy as last weekend.  I'm walking in a parade on Friday night and Saturday and Sunday are shaping up to be just like last weekend (minus Inception).

I do have some posts scheduled to hit later in the week.  So I'm almost ready to declare this funk over. 

Also, I'm wanting a cute two piece (bathing) suit for vacation.  Two weeks ago, after I had discovered my #1 suit looked like a saggy diaper when I wore it, C and I had a brief memorial service that ended in a kiss (the suit got the kiss, not C) before I sent the suit into the fashion abyss that is the landfill.  It was a madras, two piece from J.Crew (purchased in 2005).  I don't think I'll ever find another suit I love as much but would like my next suit (man, I certainly do act like these suits are my children) to be madras.  While I haven't scoured the internets I have searched my regular sites and just can't find what I'm looking for.  Any suggestions?


Becky said...

J Crew has a two piece on their website. Purple madras in 8, 10 and 12. Don't know your size or if you would like the style. If you're willing to look at something other than madras, Athleta has a good selection and some cute prints that you might like ... and they're having a 70% off sale!

rachel e. said...

Thanks, Aunt Becky! I'll deffinitly check them out!!