Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Rewind: aka The Hunt for Allergy Meds

C and I spent this past long weekend in Alhambra (as in Illinois, not Spain), Fredericktown, Missouri, and St. Louis. Three different cities, sleeping in a different place each night.

If you’re keeping track (at least I am), I have been out of town every weekend for the last four weekends. I have been in 8 different states, stayed in 4 different hotels, flown 4 times, and still have one more hotel stay, weekend, and 2 flights to go.

Come soon June 6th.

Getting on to the weekend. I'll post the exciting stuff in pictures and less exciting stuff in words.

Friday night we packed up the accord and headed west to Alhambra, home of C’s sister, Amilia. Unfortunately during the trip I started to get all itchy and told C we needed to stop in the morning to get some allergy meds before we headed to the heavily wooded lake.  We made it with one stop to get gas and food (despite having packed dinner – it never sounds as good once you’re on the road) and rolled in around 10:30. C’s other sister, Emily, her husband, Jon, and their two more-gorgeous-than-life kids were also waiting for us. It was a quick stop. An overnight before we all headed to Fredericktown in the am.

Saturday morning came quickly. The cars were loaded up and we  hit the road (again). But not before stopping for breakfast at McDonalds (plus a mocha for C - McDonalds and a mocha - yuck) and for allergy meds at Target. Except we didn’t get allergy meds. Turns out this Target is the only one without a pharmacy. But C did get a bathingsuit (forgot his) which I even had a coupon for (score!).

Rachel – 0, Anti-Allergy Med gods – 1

The trip to Fredericktown was about an hour and half long. I think it took us three. And the youngest in the car was 24, so it’s not like we had to stop for potty breaks. But we did have to stop to get allergy meds. We pulled off at the last exit before we reached our small town destination. This stop, Farmington. We headed inside, C to the restroom me to the pharmacy. I politely waited while the person in front of me took her time and socialized with the pharmacist assistant. Then it was finally my turn. And finally I could get my allergy meds and the itching would subside. Except I didn’t get allergy meds. Guess which town has a city wide ordinance that you have to have a prescription for Zertyc D? That’d be Farmington. (This is a med, mind you, that the FDA decided to make available over the counter. But it looks like city law trumps Federal law. Who’da thunk it?) Turns out our weekend took us into an area that has a large meth problem and not allowing those with allergies to easily get relief is how this town chooses to address its meth problem.

Rachel – 0, Anti-Allergy Med gods – 2, Meth Addicts - 0

After telling the pharmacist that I didn’t have time to go get a prescription and I’d just go to another city that is abiding by federal laws, we loaded up in the accord and headed to Fredericktown. And finally arrived for Grandpa’s 80th (+2 weeks) birthday celebration. We were able to catch up with lots and lots of family and even squeezed in a couple of boat rides.

Sunday we were up several hours before church started so C and I went to the local WalMart to get some allergy meds. Except we didn’t get allergy meds. We arrived to see that the pharmacy wasn’t open yet . We decided to head back to the hotel and come back on our way to church.

Rachel – 0, Anti-Allergy Med gods – 3

But low and behold while getting ready I found a stray allergy pill (wrapped of course) and didn’t need to stop anyway. Finally the itching and now increasing sneezing could subside.

Final Score: Rachel – 1/2, Anti-Allergy Med gods – 3

After church we went to McDonalds for lunch (and Elsea tradition no matter what state you are in) and headed to St. Louis. We arrived in St. Louis, checked into our very nice hotel, and headed to the Galleria (a mall that very much met my standards). We also dined at the Cheesecake Factory and ate much more than any of us should.

Monday morning C and I walked over to the cute cafĂ© for a mocha before joining the rest of the family to start our adventures. We went to the Seminary, Forest Park, Boat House and historic Ted Drewes. And then it was time for us to load up in the car again (we did that a lot this weekend), take Amilia to Alhambra (again, Illinois, not Spain), and head home ourselves.

We took a few hundred pictures this weekend. While I showed you a peek in this post, make sure check them all out in my Picasa album.

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