Monday, June 21, 2010

monday update

I'm abstaining from a weekend rewind for this past weekend. Or maybe in title only. This post is a weekend recap, so it is technically a weekend rewind.

My grandma, my mom's mother, passed away yesterday. She had not been doing well for a while and took a turn for the worse this last week. My family went to see her on Friday and I drove up on Saturday morning to visit. Sunday morning, surrounded by her family, she peacefully passed from this life to a much better life, one where she has all of her strength back, can talk, see her parents who went on many, many years ago, and eat the feasts that have been promised.

We will be heading over to Fort Wayne tomorrow for the viewing and funeral. Please keep my grandpa, mom, and her siblings in your prayers. While we are glad that grandma is finally healed, there will still be many days when she is greatly missed.


In case you’re wondering what C did this weekend he was able to go to Indianapolis to spend Father’s Day with his dad. It was great that his parents were so close. Since they live so far away, we really try to take every opportunity to see them when they are close. Fortunately, a family friend got married in Brown County State Park on Saturday evening, so they were in the area. By “in the area” I mean within a 5 hour drive. In this case it was only a three hour drive.

And as for me, Sunday I went to church and all the Davidson kids played the handbells for Father’s Day. It really sounded lovely and was quite the improvement from the last time “Go My Children” was attempted (which I was not in attendance for). We took dad to McDonald’s for lunch. I then went to the pool with Emily before returning to my parents’ house to watch some of the US Open with my dad. At Mark's request, I made Chicken Sir Fry for everyone for dinner. Then the boys and I went to Sanderson to play Around the World. Mark won, but I was really close to beating him. It’s all about not taking chances. We also took Katie with us. Everyone and their brother decided to walk their dog last night. While Katie was leashed, at one point her collar slipped off her head and she made an unleashed bee line towards the dog walking past. I took off yelling for her and was able to catch up to her just past the dog. The other, less cute (the dog, not the owner) dog’s owner asked me if I was yelling because she might bite the other dog. I politely informed her that that was not the case; I was more worried about her running out in the street.

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