Thursday, June 24, 2010

the itch

We, or at least I, have the house buying itch. I also have the travel to an exotic destination. Those are two itches that I do not suggest having at once. At least I don't have the baby itch. That would be a horribly expensive idea. I'm not expecting that itch to come for a few more years (fingers crossed).

I have the house buying itch because we recently saw a house that we love. A house that would have been a steal. A house that someone else used to love. That is before they found out they were being foreclosed on and allowed their dog poop on the carpet. But someone else got the lovely house and my dreams of having a dog were smashed.

I also have the house buying itch because it is summer and our lovely place does not have a deck to grill on and read on. I always get terribly sad just thinking about it.

Someday. When we do find the right house. And I know we will and I know we'll know it is the right house. I can't wait to decorate that kitchen. I think I'll start with this...

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