Friday, June 11, 2010

full circle

My Fashion Fridays have come full circle. 

On Friday, May 14th I posted that I thought this necklace was super purdy. 

Then, on Friday, June 4th I posted that I purchased a necklace from American Eagle that looked somewhat like this one, but not exactly.

Can you see the similarities?

Anyway, while looking at old posts the other day I realized that the necklace I purchased for Lora's bachelorette party was the one I put on my Fashion Friday post on May 14th. 

Still following?

I bought the necklace I had featured 2 weeks before.  And didn't even realize it.  

Just me Captain Obvious.


In other fashion news, last week I mentioned the white shorts I could not find. 

I had the perfect travel outfit planned but couldn't find the shorts.

C searched high and low while I was getting ready to go last Saturday and finally said that we must have thrown them away.  I told him I was sure they'd show up just as soon as I got back or once I bought another pair.  He said, "No, I really think we threw them away."

Cut to Monday night.  I noticed a Ann Taylor bag hanging on the knob of our bedroom door (covered by the Coach bag I refuse to get rid of because it's what my Legacy Stripe Leah came home in).

Low and behold in the bag were the white shorts. 

The shorts I paid $9.88 for last September.

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