Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend Rewind

Some actions (and thoughts) from this weekend. Here we go...

- This cute booger was born. (I had nothing to do with it.)
- Returned home from work at 9:30 p.m.  My feet were killing me.  No room to complain though, it's not like I had delivered a baby or anything.
- Took a quick bath.
- C returned home and we had some delish Tombstone pizza (I'm quite the cook) and caught up on some DVR'd programming.

Early Saturday Morning (2:34 am to be exact)
- I was awoken by some Rug patrons.  Several girls decided to start a cat fight outside.  I contemplated calling the police, but didn't want to a bad reputation (with the cops, I could care less about the inconsiderate girls).  I imagine the fight was over who got to go home with the guy who had the best bike.  Stupid Girls.
- Remembered that I need to write a post about The Rug.
- C slept through both the fight and me thinking about my blog.

- Went to the Opening Bell Ringing for the Lancaster Farmers Market.  Ohio's First Lady was there. 
- Had breakfast with C before he departed for work.
- Watched some Kentucky Derby coverage.
- If I had a race horse I would name him Bill.  Then the line up at the Kentucky Derby would look like this...  "Homeboykris, Discreetly Mine, Dublin, Awesome Act, Mission Impazible, Devil May Care, Paddy O'Prado, Make Music For Me, and Bill" (plus some others that are named similar to the first 8)
- Or maybe I should spell it PhBill (the "ph" is silent).
- Did some shopping, ran food to the Foundation Dinners, and Y-ed.
- While at the Y I tried to force myself to finish this book, but just couldn't do it. Maybe some other time.
- Cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes so I'd have a pot to make my raman noodles in.
- I also folded laundry while watching E!.  E! seems to be my guilty pleasure on Saturdays. I could and do watch the Kardashians and Kendra all day long.
-Kendra's baby is the cutest.  And her hubby, Hank, is a keeper.  He appears to be a great dad and hubby (at least on tv).
- After 8 hours of pre-race coverage, actually watched the Kentucky Derby.
- Go figure Jenny Craig's horse has "candy" in his name.  Probably upsetting to all those on her weight loss program.
- Rounded out the evening watching the Indians, Cavs, and Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane.
- Considered filing suit against Larry Dolan claiming Gross Neglect of Duty.
- The Indians and Cavs both pulled out big wins.  Still considering filing suit.

Early Sunday Morning (1:30 am to be exact)
- This time C was up reading (I had been out for two hours already - "out" as in asleep, not "out" as in at The Rug).  Turns out there was another fight.  The large, loud group made its way down to Main Street were it was met by some police!

- My good reputation lived to see another day.  But let me tell you, should a fight break out again and no police are around (we have been told by Mr. Landlord that they are monitoring The Rug) I will most definitely be calling the cops.  Some of us can't be up "partying" all night because we have to get up in the morning to worship the Lord. 
- C and I had to look awesome as we slid the window screens up and peered out the window shirtless (C) and in a sports bra (me).  
- I found this was an adequate time to tell C that The Rug has a My Space Profile.  He thought this was great and appropriate as My Space is now the social network of choice for the "bad side of town". (Note: we do not live in the bad side of town, but that side chooses to frequent The Rug).

- Went to Starbucks (I waited in the car due to the rain), Sunday School, and Church.
- Lunched at the mall because we are just that classy.
- Despite my unhealthy lunch, decided I wouldn't go to the Y today since C promised to go tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow's tomorrow (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) with me.
- C headed to work.  Looking forward to no work next weekend - even if he does have to take work, there simply is not room in our carry ons for any books or files (I've already packed everything away in my mind).
- I took a loooong nap, woke up, watched the Tribe, had some tea (my new favorite drink of choice, sorry Starbucks), and did a load of whites. (YAY! C will have clean white shirts!!!)
- Interrupted C from working to ask if we could get a police scanner since we've had two big fights in a row.  If I am going to be awoken in the wee early hours I want to know what's going on.
- Spent three hours watching Amazing Wedding Cakes on WE.  Horrible show.  Horrible cakes.  Horrible attitudes.
- Went to dinner with my Mom, Dad, Drew and Mark.  Yummy spaghetti and salad.
- Watched some America's Funniest Home Videos at dinner.  Funny, funny stuff.
- Now I really must get to the Y tomorrow.

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