Thursday, May 27, 2010

the side effects of horses

Twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday to be exact, the local farmers market parks itself on Broad Street.

And the Amish park their horses in our alley.

Right next to C's parking lot.  He doesn't own it, but his employer does and thus he parks there.  It is also the same parking lot that is home to the parking spaces that comes with our apartment lease (small world, isn't it?).

Occasionally (as in, every time they are there) the horses poop.

Which causes C's parking lot to smell like poop.

Which in turn makes C a little upset.

But if you notice, the horses are very careful not to step in their poop.

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Anonymous said...

And just think, if you hadn't made it home from the Y last night, this post would have never been made. Would have been a tragedy.