Friday, May 7, 2010

A post formerly titled "Fashion Friday: Everything White"

Here's what I had for today's Fashion Friday...

"With Memorial Day right around the corner I thought I'd focus on everything white."

And then we left Lancaster and arrived in Minnesota. And I lost my inspiration.

So I'm sending you off to find white things on your own. Like shorts, pants, skirts, tops, even bathing suits (gasp!). All of which I approve.

I do have a pair of white shorts from Ann Taylor Loft. But I can't find them. Not that it matters though, because it's 40 degrees up here.

So maybe next week (or the next) I'll post some of my favorite white articles of clothing.

But until then (or tomorrow's next post) I'l going to leave you with what is most likely my most pointless post to date (I'm sure I can trump this).

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