Thursday, May 20, 2010

an open letter to Paula Deen

Dear Ms. Deen,

A few days ago, while in Washington, D.C., I exited my hotel and saw your husband standing outside of a town car and you sitting in it, door open, talking to a security fellow.  After finally convincing myself that you were really Paula Deen, one of my favorite Food Network people, I mustered up the courage to introduce myself. (I was afraid by an off chance it wasn't you in which case I would have monumentally embarrassed myself.)

I first said hello to your husband since he was closer. I walked up and introduced myself telling him how big of a fan I was.  He then responded saying "You're not that big." And we both had a good chuckle.  I shook his hand and told him to enjoy his time in D.C.  

All the while, during my conversation with your delightful hubby, I saw you (only a few feet away), slowly shut the door to avoid having to interact with me.  While I understand that you want your privacy, I had already seen you and saw you close the door.  I was the only person there, there weren't 15 people standing around asking for you autograph - I can't imagine many people in DC have the time of day to ask for it - yet you didn't have time to say hello to one of your biggest fans.  I should point out that I was one of your biggest fans.  While Michael gained points in my book, you lost many, if not, all of the points you had.  I was very disappointed.  I had made you out to be a friendly person who would talk to anyone.  I guess I was wrong.  

Maybe you didn't want to be seen without your makeup.  If that was the case, you probably shouldn't have opened your car door in the first place.  And guess what? I wasn't wearing any makeup either!  We could have been no makeup buddies.  But no.

As I mentioned before, I was quite surprised to see you outside of my hotel.  While it was a very nice Courtyard, I would have thought you'd stay at one of DC's many finer establishments.  None the less, I hope that your stay in DC was wonderful.  If you're looking for an enjoyable dinner next time you're here make sure to check out The Quarterdeck.  

Rachel E.

P.S.  Please tell Michael he made my trip.

P.P.S. I am no longer planning on making a trip to Georgia to eat at the Lady and Sons.

P.P.P.S. I hold grudges for a long, long time.  Just ask the girl from my kindergarten class. 

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Becky said...

You crack me up. Now I don't like her anymore either. Solidarity! I'll be your no make-up buddy, Rachel.