Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I would

if I didn't have such a nice t.v. and George II (the laptop).

I've been struggling lately with my bag addiction.  I really want a new leather purse, but I know I shouldn't get one.  But it's so pretty and smells so good.  But no.  I'm also struggling with another addiction.  It's called television. 

I honestly love to read.  I've read over 10 books so far this year.  I realize that's not a whole lot.  Not as many as the disgraced Mark Souder.  But it is two a month.  Two a month is really a feat during the height of my favorite television shows: How I Met Your Mother; Gossip Girl; Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives; 19 Kids and Counting; The Office; 30 Rock; Selling New York; Ohio State Men's Basketball; and SportsCenter. 

Luckily after last night I'm done with my shows.  Now I can get back to my reading which in the summer is more like 2 books a week.  I'm currently on Mennonite in a Little Black Dress and am waiting on a few from the library including Lunch in Paris.  Both of which I discovered from one of my favorite blogs.  Which also reminds me, my blogs are also a reason why I don't get as much reading done.  Well, book reading.  I also have scads of books that I've picked up here or there and just haven't been able to get into.  But every now and then I'll pick one of them up and suddenly be interested. 

I've sorta lost where I was going with this so I'm just going to go call it quits. 

But if nothing else, this post served as inspiration for my next Fashion Friday post.

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