Friday, April 16, 2010

a not so fashion friday

As I sat down to write this Thursday night early Friday morning I had a problem figuring out what to focus on.  Bags? Skirts? Bathing Suits? One brand in particular?

Then it hit me.

I can't focus on fashion because I am currently a fashion disaster.

While I may have worn my favorite (and only - Birthday gift idea, C!) Lilly Pulitzer dress today, I definitely managed to make myself look homely when I changed out of my preppy clothes.

I am currently sporting:
- Two headbands (one tan, one black) that I found while cleaning.  It was easier to put them on my head then walk them to the bathroom.
- A chalk blue DeBordieu t-shirt of C's.
- Mark's blue FCA hoodie (with red writing).
- Bright green Victoria's Secret PINK pants (Christmas gift from C).
- Two mismatched black Christmas socks.  One has candy canes, the other snowmen.
- Brown moccasin slippers.

Let's recap the colors I've got going on...
Black, Tan, Chalk Blue, Navy Blue, Red, Bright Green, Black (Again), and Brown.

Thus I do not feel that I am worthy of writing a Fashion Friday post.

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