Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not Funneeeeee

I'm going to apologize for not posting a Wordless Wednesday.  I can't find my camera cord.  It was returned to me from Chicago the weekend I had a kidney stone, but I forgot to get it from my brother because I had more important things to do (like stay highly medicated and pray 24/7 that the grapenut causing SO much pain would "pass").  I did take some awesome pictures at Mark's baseball game over the weekend, but they'll just have to wait. 

This morning we C was listening to the POTUS channel on XM radio. Something about Southwest Airlines was mentioned. I can't remember what it was because I wasn't really listening. Anywho, after they mentioned Southwest C said, "Did you hear they are merging with Delta?" He then proceeded to tell me they would be an economy line of Delta and would be called "Delta: Southwest".

I had a little bit of a freak out (I love Southwest) and started bombarding him with questions like, "Will bags still fly free?" and "Who are we going to fly?"
Don't worry folks, bags will still fly free and Southwest will remain their own entity.

I've mentioned this funny little video before and it came to mind this morning when C thought he'd test my gullibility. I used to be super gullible.  In college C would get me to believe something that wasn't true about once a week.  Then I smartened up.  But now, I've seemed to let my guard down.

After this 2 minute ordeal this morning I felt like yelling "Not Funneeeeeee!"

Don't worry folks, the guard is back up!

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