Thursday, April 22, 2010

i. love. spring. (and summer)

I also love our a-p-t.

However, I would love our a-p-t more if it allowed us to enjoy spring (and summer) by providing outdoors space where we can read and grill and just chill and watch accidents/responding emergency vehicles from. 

But all we have is a fire escape that does not allow grilling and contains a smoker smell thanks to The Rug patrons (and our neighbors who live below us).  I am also afraid to use the fire escape because it's made of wood and is as old as the building (born in 1915).  Seriously, sometimes I walk outside and see wood chips from above that have fallen on our doorstep.  Don't worry though, should it ever collapse while I am on the fire escape I plan on jumping into one of the doorframes along the way (much like a person with super powers).

I would also love our a-p-t as much as you can love a place if we were allowed to have a puppy (which we would keep when she grew up into a dog - I would not get rid of it once it stopped being a puppy). 

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