Thursday, March 4, 2010

This Tomorrow is the day that the Lord has made

What a glorious sight...

I thought about preempting the second edition of Fashion Friday.  There's only one thing that trumps my love for fashion and that is my love for sports.  Especially baseball.  But then I decided by posting this a day early, it would alert everyone as to how important tomorrow is.  And then my "followers" could soak up the entire day, not just part of it.

Tomorrow is the first Indians Spring Training game.  They will be taking on the Cincinnati Reds (yuck) at Goodyear Park.  Goodyear happens to house both of the teams' spring training camps.  I wonder how they decide who will get to be the home team? I'm thinking it's the team that has used the facility the longest.

There are few thing (many even only one) that C cannot give me a hard time about.  We have actually discussed this.  The most important being the Tribe.  He isn't allowed to tell me how horrible they are (unless I first say so) or crack jokes at their expense.  I take my boys very seriously.

With that being sad, I am very much looking forward to tomorrow and every day after than through October (I'm not banking on my boys making it to the playoffs, they probably won't even be able to get tickets).

Welcome back boys.  You were terribly, terribly missed. 

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