Tuesday, March 16, 2010

a monday evening post, posted on a tuesday

Incase you couldn't tell, this post was supposed to go up yesterday.  But that didn't happen because I didn't write it.  Well, I did have some stuff down. 15 words to be exact.  The original notes will be bold (that bold doesn't count as an original word) in this post just for kicks and giggles.  I also didn't do a weekend rewind because I felt two weekend rewinds in a row, both rehashing me staying on the couch the entire time, was a bit too boring, even for my blog.  Oh, and by the way, I have three other pending posts that are just half thoughts or post titles. I'll start working on those just as soon as I feel like blogging.

Lets get on with yesterday's post.

I am finally on the mend.  After being sick 8+ days I am finally feeling more like myself.  As soon as the kidney stone passed (literally, like 5 seconds later) I started coughing non-stop.  Turns out I got my brother's cold when I stayed with my parents last weekend.  I'm pretty sure the cold was intensified by my body already having been beaten down by a 2 millimeter stone.  That stone, by the way, cost (my insurance company) $2,324 to take a CT scan picture of.  That picture was over half of the bill.  Another thing I learned,  morphine is expensive.  Even if I had become addicted I would be unable to support that habit.  But I wasn't about to become addicted because I am not a fan of the side effects (read: nausea/vomiting).

On a final and yucky note my haven't thrown up in 3.5 years streak ended last weekend.  As of today (today, being Tuesday, not Monday) I have been throw up free for 10 days!

In other news, it's March Madness time!  I live for this (and some other stuff).  I may or may not do my bracket the old school way on paper and carry said bracket and a clean bracket around with me at all times during the tournament.  I also may or may not also carry a highlighter and pen to highlight those (non)educated guesses I got correct and write the winning teams on the blank bracket for my records. Sunday, when I started writing taking notes for this post, I stumbled across some tips for choosing which team will advance in the tourney. 

C and I are planning on having a wager.  Just as soon as he figures out what he wants if he wins.  But since he won't we should probably just go with want I want when I win.  Over confident? Yes (except not really confident at all).

I think that's about it for last night and tonight.  Hopefully I'll get the desire to blog back soon and finish the other posts.

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