Monday, February 8, 2010

weekend rewind

As you recall, I was a little bummed on Friday night.  Good news: I found out who I lost as a follower (I know, I lead a very tough life) so I can now sleep peacefully.  C took me out to dinner to cheer me up.  We had every intention of heading up to Pickerington to eat at Logans (a fav) and spend some gifts cards (Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Barnes and Noble).  We made it all the way to Ety Road (only a few miles) and realized the snow was coming down pretty heavy and despite our new tractiony tires, we'd just go local.  So we settled for Texas Roadhouse (another fav).  We also hit up Meijer's (I was needed some wax paper for my cookies) and rented The Hangover from Blockbuster. We returned home and I was able to finish up step one of my cookies (recipe soon to come) after we finished the movie.

Saturday we awoke to a Winter Wonderland (sort-of).  Since we live right smack dab in downtown Lancaster our road is about the 3rd on the list for the entire city to be cleared.  They were litterally plowing our sidewalks the night before.  Our pancake breakfast was canceled so we settled for "homemade" cinnamon rolls then headed to the Y to burn off the calories from breakfast. I also made cupcakes in the afternoon (pictures to come).

As I said, we did wake up to a "winter wonderland".  Here are some pics from or trip to church that night.  I couldn't get over how beautiful the trees were.

Saturday night was family game night at church.  It was litterally a family game night as it was just the Davidson's and one other.

Sunday after church I watched the Buckeyes and took a nap while C was working a fundraiser.  I should have been cleaning and since I didn't that's what we hope to do tonight.  We then headed up to Pickerington to watch the Superbowl at our friends house (we have roughly 4 friends total, but we're working on that).  Since we didn't make it up for dinner on Friday night we first stopped at Barnes and Noble to spend the gift card. Turns out it had less than $4 on it.  So C enjoyed a mocha.  I didn't find anything to use my Bed, Bath, and Beyond card on, but did manage to find three books for $5 each at B&N.  After the Superbowl we returned home and C watched some Lost (Season 5 on blu ray, an early Valentine's day present. How romantic? And see, I do care about him, because I put my Lost hatred aside and purchased it for him).

And that about sums it up.  Here's a little preview of what I hope to get posted this week: a few posts about bags, a birthday post, and my cookies and cupcakes. And who knows what else will happen that deserves a post.

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