Tuesday, February 16, 2010

tuesday ramblings

I originally had a post about Cars scheduled to post today, but there are a million pointless things running though my mind that I wanted to share....

For starters, yesterday I worked.  My sister was kind enough to bring me lunch.  Since the office was closed, the front door was locked.  Little did I know (or remember) even though I could turn the knob to get out, it would lock me out.  So after I picked up my yummy Panera from Emily's car, I discovered I locked myself out.  Then I got the bright idea to go around back and see if the back door was unlocked (which it never is) and it wasn't.  But before I found out it wasn't I managed to completely wipe out on the snow covered ice.  I think I may need my mom to get a falls packet from work for me so we can report it.  (I did make it back in to the building rather quickly.)

My boys are ranked in the Top 10!!  I'm super excited.  We've got some super tough games ahead of this week.  #4 Purdue and #11 Michigan State.  I may be a little stressed come Wednesday and Sunday.

There was a 40 car pile up in Kansas City over the weekend.  I will never understand how this happens. How fast do you have to be going and how close do you have to be to the cars in front of you to cause this to happen.

Columbus also had its own pile up.  This one involved 50 cars.

We're just seeing the end of the 3rd snow storm in only 11 days.  We've gotten at least 6+ inches from each storm.  It's been super gorgeous, but at times I wished we lived in the country so we could just see snow for miles feet on end.  Living in downtown Lancaster they have our sidewalks plowed before the storm even stops.

I'm in the process of making Chicken and Rice Soup right now (well, not right now, right now I'm getting ready for work and have previously scheduled this post to hit).  I started last night and will finish tonight for Lenten supper tomorrow night.  It should be yum-o.  If you're in the area, come check it out.  And see the new outfit that C got me for Valentine's Day (well, part of it).  (The soup is only taking so long b/c I cooked it last night and will finish it tonight before handbells.)

Have I mentioned how much I like playing the handbells?  And I think I might be pretty good at them too.

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