Tuesday, February 23, 2010

some think of it as lazy, i think of it as resourceful

I think I hit my all time "resourcefulness" last night.  I was all bathed and robed up, sitting on the recliner with a blanket and my laptop composing my very exciting Fashion Friday post (first and possibly only, edition to hit on Friday) when I realized my contacts were bothering me. 

C was in the bathroom.  Perfect.

"C, can you do me a favor?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"Could you bring me my contact case and solution (in the orange cosmetic bag) along with my glasses (in my apple bag on the bistro table)?"

C was a bit surprised that I have sunk this low.  But I was super comfy and writing, what I consider to be, a very good post. 

He indulged me, but not without first asking if I was serious (Hello! Last week I texted him using the AT&T website, b/c I didn't have my phone, from the couch in the office and asked him to bring me my computer charger), and I managed to take out my contacts from the comfort of the recliner.

Five minutes later while perusing this blog, I realized I needed some headphones to listen to some of the audio.  But the headphones were on the dining room table an entire 6 feet away.

I decided not to ask C to get up (he was further from them than me) and get them.  Instead I chose not to listen. 

All because my head phones were a whole 6 feet away.

I think my "resourcefulness" is getting the best of me.  And to think I'm actually becoming more fit and losing some weight.  I'm pretty sure those two things should be mutually exclusive.

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