Friday, February 12, 2010

problem? what problem?

C has been trying to get me to realize my "addiction" for some time now.  He's done everything short of an intervention.  We have a large tote full of the results of my addiction as well as individual pieces that just don't fit or I feel I use "frequently".

Hi, my name is Rachel and I'm addicted to bags

I love them, I really do.  If I could, I'd go out today and buy five new bags.

It not just purses, it's also bags used for travel, the beach, bags to carry the groceries, bags to use as carry-ons.  Even lunch bags.  The bigger the better (except for lunch bags).

I love them all.  Speaking of my bag collection.  Here are the bags that are currently out around the house.

bags for travel (plus a purse)

pool bag and vera tote

grocery bag/work shoe bag

library book bag.

(I did not show my favorite bag.  She will be getting a post of her own on Sunday.)

Last summer when we got back from vacation we got the organization bug and decided to get containers to keep our odds and ends in in the closets.  The containers are pretty large in size and my bags have already outgrown the container designated for them.

Yes, it's an "addiction", but a healthy one (I like to think).  Said "addiction" hasn't inhibited me from putting meals on the table.  Plus it's not ruining my liver or lungs.

Now that I've got that off my chest, I feel much better.

In honor of me coming to terms with this little "problem" I think I'll go buy a new bag.

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