Monday, January 11, 2010


there are several things that have been running through my mind lately...

baseball starts soon.  and the tribe is getting ready for the start of their "season". (i put that in quotes b/c i'm not sure if their "season" will even qualify as a real season of major league baseball). my (new) boys will even be in town this month.

i'm ready for summer.  don't get me wrong, i would embrace any winter storm that comes our way (and have loved the 8 straight days of snow no matter how much or how little), but right now, more than anything, i would love to go to the pool in the evenings, take long walks around lancaster with c, and go to baseball games.  if only the weather was warmer.

i may or may not have told you before i am pretty sure that someday i will be hit (and by hit i mean hopefully lightly tapped) by a car while crossing the street.  i think it's inevitable since i walk to work and walk around town (in the summer) all the time.  it hit me (no pun intended) today on my way back to work that i'm probably increasing those odds of being hit by crossing the street when the light is green instead of red and jay-walking across one of the busiest streets in town.  but hey, i got to where i was going a little bit faster. (i may or may not also jay-walk in front of the police station.)

remember my christmas masterpieces?  while undecorating last night and lamenting that i had to put my new manger scene away when it feels like i just got it, i also lamented about my gingerbread house and tree.  c said i could keep them up all year.  i think i just might.  stay tuned to see if (and when) those suckers leave our dining room table.

i may.  just may be going to see my boys (i have lots of them) play wisconsin saturday night.  keep your fingers crossed for me, will ya?

did you know billy ray cyrus had a kid shortly before he (well, his wife, except they weren't married at the time) had miley? like only a few months before. 

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