Monday, January 4, 2010

the second time's the charm

I have lots of updating to do and little time to do it in.  Instead of blogging about our travels (the time adjustment is a post in itself) I've been spending my free time (all 6 hours thus far) grocery shopping, scouring the county for this year's Planet Earth 2010 desk calendar, trying to figure out where to hang my newest sea turtle item (a sconce in case you were wondering - apparently I am a collector), unpacking, cleaning the mess of an apartment we left behind, avoiding the rest of the unpacking, and enjoying my new Blu-Ray DVD player.

What's that?  You thought we already owned an HD DVD player?

Yes.  Yes, we did.

But you see, we owned an HD DVD player not a Blu-Ray player.  Thus when we purchased C's T.V. and threw in an extra couple of hundred dollars for the state of the art HD DVD player, we did not realize we were investing in the next Betamax (this appears to be something that runs in the Elsea family)  Looks like Sony won the war this time around.

Score: JVC 1 - Betamax 0 - Sony 1 - Phillips 0 - The Elseas 0

I was very happy to first unwrap Cook or Be Cooked (which I have yet to learn to play master) but then a little confused to unwrap the Planet Earth series on Blu-Ray. While I have wanted this for quite some time, I quickly pointed out to C after opening said DVDs disks, you can't really watch them on an extinct HD DVD player.  Turns out a Blu-Ray player magically appeared under our bed. (Great now I have to think of a new gift idea for him for next Christmas.)

Anywho, after getting home around 9:30 last night I finally got to try out my present.  We watched the first episode of Planet Earth and I. am. in. love.  It's amazing.  Thank you Fairfield County District Library for having a disk missing from your standard definition series, thus not encouraging me to have watched Planet Earth in low-def when I rented it weeks ago.

So if my blog updates are a little slow this week I apologize and blame it on C's great gift and my ability to draw out the unpacking process into a several day week project. Next First step, moving all the luggage out of the hallway.

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