Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Rewind

I'm choosing to leave this weekend wound up.  Not because we didn't do anything, but because my passion to formally rewind the weekend just isn't there.  Don't get we wrong, the weekend was great: a very successful work event, celebration dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, second view from the air of Fairfield and her surrounding counties, and an overall very enjoyable visit with Mom and Dad E.  But again, my rewinding passion is not there.

Today C became one more step closer to becoming an official lawyer.  This morning he was sworn in at a special open session of the Supreme Court of Ohio.  You'd think this is the last step to becoming a lawyer, but it's not.  Apparently you need to register and pay a few hundred dollars before they give you the 5 digit number you must have to sign after your name when you sign those important court documents.  It's coming though.

In other news I have two yummy recipes to post, but the camera is sitting on the floor in the back of the accord across Columbus Street.  Maybe I'll text C and ask him to bring it up on his way home from work.  Then you'll be able to drool over my chicken tomato basil pasta and pumpkin bars/cake/pie.  That's practically an entire meal right there.  Dinner and dessert.  Maybe I'll even add a pic of C walking across the stage to get his BIG ole certificate.  Unlike his puny law school diploma (I thought it should be bigger than the undergrad one) this sucker is huge.

And there you have my informal weekend rewind. I've got a pretty busy week, so I'm going to work on some pre-made posts tonight to hit throughout the week.  How tech-savy am I?

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Emily said...

Way to give the precise location of exactly where you camera can be stolen from, including what make of car it is in. Good thinking.