Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Watch Out!

If you watched the USC v. OSU game several weeks ago you probably caught this.  The sousaphone player who was chosen to dot the "I" in script Ohio, a huge deal, took out the ESPN camera man.  You can see the guy yell "Watch Out!" to the camera man prior to his very dramatic bow, but the camera man didn't seem to get it.  Seconds later the sousaphone took out the camera man and his HD camera.  If you pause the video right before impact you can see the camera's reflection in the sousaphone.  Unfortunately, ESPN did not give this incident any attention.  I at the very least expected a replay.  This little incident provided hours several minutes of enjoyment at our house.


anony_mous said...

you need more hobbies......oh wait this may be a hobby. never mind

Emommy said...

Didn't everyone get hours -- I mean a few minutes -- of enjoyment out of that video? I love how serious and how not hesitating the sousaphone player is -- that's some intense marching right there.