Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Charles!

Here's to a (hopefully) drastic decrease in your car insurance rate!

Oh, and for your birthday present I took the time to blur the edges of this photo.
Because I know you love that feature oh-so-much.


This post is also my our 100th blog post!

We've come a long way and done a lot since June 26, 2009.

Charles has...
studied for and passed the bar.
been sworn in as an o-fficial attorney.
signed his attorney name and number to legal papers.
written 3 blog posts.

Rachel has...
written 97 blog posts.
cooked more than usual and taken pictures of her cooking for her blog.
watched lots of the Food Network.

We have...
taken a wonderful vacation to the beach.
enjoyed a long weekend in StL.
been enjoying starting our normal, law school-less life.

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