Friday, November 20, 2009

"Celebrity" Cruises

I thought I'd take a quick moment to let everyone know that if you book a Celebrity Cruise you are not going to cruise around the Caribbean, the Pacific, Alaska, or Europe with celebrities.

Shocker.  I know.

It turns out that you, the cruisee, are the "celebrity."  And for only $59 a day (the cost of night's stay at a Motel 6) "Celebrity" Cruises will treat you like a "celebrity".  Or so they say.  I'm not sure how much pampering you can get for $59 a day.  I know C and I certainly did not get any additional pampering aside from our toilet paper sheets and cardboard towels at our most recent (and last) stay at a Motel 6.

I thought I should let everyone in on this little secret in case someone was under the same assumption as me.  When you call your cruise line "Celebrity Cruises", I'm pretty sure others (beside myself) will think they might just run into Jude Law or Kate Bosworth while they are aboard.  Let's face it, Jude and Kate would have been a pipe dream.  For $59 a night, Tonya Harding is probably more likely. As my brother Mark, who also was under this assumption until last night, pointed out, if you go on a Buckeye Cruise, they have actual Ohio State Buckeyes (both the players and the nuts).

While I was saved from the embarrassment of actually booking a cruise and expecting to eat dinner with Dog the Bounty Hunter, I wanted to make sure that no one else would be embarrassed when making this discovery only after boarding the ship to find no celebrity on the itinerary or on the first day of their honeymoon when watching all the ships come in to port in St. Thomas.

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