Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I've been a bad blogger. I have things to share, lots of 'em: Cavs game, weekend rewind, and recipes, but I haven't gotten around to posting about them yet. I figure I'll do one a day. Today the cavs game, tomorrow the weekend rewind, Wednesday a recipe, and Thursday trunk-or-treat. So much to blog about, so little motivation. But here I go....

Last Wednesday night we saw the Cavs play the Celtics at the Schott. Our seats were amazing. Three rows from the court. These guys are HUGE!!

I won't give you the play-by-play for a couple of reasons. First, I don't remember the play-by-play, that's C's area of expertise. He always asks me if I remember the whatever inning of the baseball game played 4 years ago where someone was at bat and hit a single, double, or something or another. I don't remember, never do. I can usually tell you who won and I know that I enjoyed the game and took it all in, but those minute details (pitch counts, order in which pitches were made, hits, etc) never stay with me. Therefore, all I can tell you about the game details is that the Cavs lost because the Celtics are the best 3-point shooters ever. That sounds better than "the Cavs can't defend anyone's three, not even the Magic in the playoffs last year. Needless to say, the only thing we "witnessed" was an old fashioned Celtics beating from "downtown." Oh, and there were some awesome LeBron moves. Second, as we found out on Wednesday, when you sit this close to the court you forget to strain your neck to look up at the scoreboard and thus never know what the score is. Half the time I thought we were winning when we were really loosing. Third, and most importantly, I had my big jumbo tron debut on Wednesday night, trumping anything else and thus causing me to forget any amazing plays that may have occurred.
"What? You made the Jumbo tron?" you ask? Yes, yes I did. And this is how everything went down....
While scrolling through my camera to show my dad picks of Moon Dog playing with Hank (I had a few hundred to get through at this point), C nudges me.
C: "Hey, we're on the kiss kam."
Me: "No, we are not, I never get on the big screen."
C: "Um. Yeah we are, take a look."
So I look up to see us all over the big screen waiting for a kiss and my dad ready with his iPhone to capture the moment. We managed to make our 2nd kiss ever (the first being at our wedding) a rather odd one since I was certain we would be taken off the screen immediately. Turns out we weren't. We were up there for several more long seconds.

It was bound to happen. I go to more sporting events than the average human being and I've never made it on the big screen. I attribute this to buying the "cheap" seats. The guys who sit down low get everything... face time on the jumbo tron, upgraded seats (because 14 rows from the game isn't quite good enough), free t-shirts and hand shakes from all the players. Those of us who are up top do not get any of this. We're too far away for the cameras to focus on, by purchasing the "cheap" seats we automatically forfeit (they make you sign a form) any contest to upgrade to better seats because the PR peeps don't want everyone in America to know that there are average people attending this game, no one (or shot-put) has the power to reach us, and the players don't even know we exist or if they do, they don't want to be seen with us or be force to socialize with us.

We I took hundreds of pics. Most of them of sweaty, late 20-something men. Others of the jumbo tron. Have a look-see....

Mama James was at the game

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