Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Not the action I'm looking for

This is not the type of action I've been wanting to take place around our apartment. I want some firetrucks, police cars, and squads. Action from current patrons of The Rug, not The Rug's deceased patrons. It's too bad I'm not a ghost believer. If so, I would have been right across the street helping with this "investigation."

I'm still pulling for a police scanner for Christmas. A police scanner is essential for those who live in apartment 9 of our building. My thinking is if I mention it enough and say it's cheaper than jewelry, Charles will give in. Plus having the scanner will allow me to stay in the building when I hear sirens and see them stop down the street, right out of my eye sight, instead of getting in the car to go see whats going on. Not that I do that or did that last Saturday night when the fire dept was called to Hillbilly Haven.

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