Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Breaking up is hard to do

Right in the middle of my workday the Indians announced that Eric Wedge, along with anyone else who gets to wear a uniform, but doesn't get to play, would not be returning next season.

I'm sitting here tonight watching the end of the Wedge era. The last two home games of the season at Jacob's Field*. STO is showing highlights from the past 7 years and they are bringing back wonderful memories.

While I do know that this change needs to happen, it's still bitter sweet. We're saying goodbye to the guy that led the Tribe to the 2007 postseason. A post season that will forever be near and dear to me since I was able to attend all 5 games that took place at Jacob's Field that year.

I wish Eric the best of luck, but at the same time hope that this is not the only change the Indians make. Some say the manager holds the key to success but I say the Dolans hold that key. In the beginning of the year I blamed our losing streaks on the players because at the end of the day, they are the ones who have to go out there and play, the manager can only do so much. But then, when you trade away all of your talent, what little talent you do have, and get next to nothing in return (because you refuse to spend any money), you can't expect to do well. You really can't expect to do well when you then have to call up over half of your AAA team (a team that has the losingest record in its division).

So here's to you Eric, may you find as much success as your predecessor**.

*The field the Indians play at will forever be known to me as Jacob's Field. A field named for a man who truly loved this team and this town, a man who had the team's best interest in mind, and a man who didn't sell the naming rights in order to unsuccessfully resign a Cy Young pitcher.

**Yes, I am aware that Joel Skinner coached roughly 60 games in between Manuel and Wedge, but that doesn't count in my books.